Wednesday, May 16, 2012

South African Air Force Museum Air Show-2012-05-12

Last weekend (Saturday), I visited the Air Force Base Zwartkops, for the South African Air Force Museum’s Air Show. One of my aims for the day was to actually get to the aircraft standing on the ground. However, that never materialized, since the air show was going non-stop, and I didn’t want to miss anything. I ended taking over 1200 photographs, but I only uploaded 54 to my Photobucket (see below).

GPS: 25°48'24.29"S
  28° 9'43.60"E

The map below shows where the air force base is.

AFB Zwartkops

Just messed around with the following pic. I used Picasa.

The following image depicts a race between the helicopter and the Bentley, ala Top Gear. The Bentley eventually won by the smallest of margins. The race was twice around the circuit.

The troops also did a mock rescue of friendly forces that were captured by enemy forces.

Below are the Silver Falcons from the SA Air Force.

There are more pictures in my Photobucket below.



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