Sunday, June 21, 2015

B&B: Buddies and Breakfast–2015-06-20

For a long time, some years ago, 2 of my friends and I used to have breakfast together once a month on a Friday morning. Then I changed jobs and needed to travel 50Km (31mi) to work, and the same happened with one of the other two, and the breakfast fell by the wayside. But, then a little more than a month ago we decided to start it up again, on a Saturday morning! So, we had the first one last month, and then yesterday we had the second one. However, yesterday’s breakfast took on a different slant to just being a breakfast. Two of us like photography and use proper equipment, and the third uses his iPad (and some iPad apps) to come up with some creative photographs. So, iPad Man, his name is Drix, came up with the idea that we should have breakfast at Rietvlei Nature Reserve this month, and then he would drive us around the reserve so that the other two, Mark and myself, could take photographs of the wildlife at Rietvlei. It turned out to be a great morning for each of us!

Here are a few of the photographs that I took, and you can see more at my Flickr account of this visit.

This mongoose, and his little pal, were not bothered by our presence at all!

Rietvlei Nature Reserve
Have you ever tried to scratch your ear with your foot like this Springbuck?

Rietvlei Nature Reserve
The Cape Longclaw really makes a pretty picture!

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