Monday, September 29, 2008

Ballito - Chaka's Rock Beach - Tidal Pool

25 September 2008 - Chaka's Rock has one of the nicest tidal pools to snorkel in. It has a large variety of fish and urchins, etc.

Ballito - Chaka's Rock Beach - Geology

25 September 2008 - Like at Thompson's Bay, the geology here is also quite breathtaking.

Ballito - Ckaka's Rock Beach - Wave splashes

25 September 2008 - Although the splashing waves here weren't as spectacular as at Thompson's Bay, they were still wonderful to watch.

Ballito - Ckaka's Rock Beach

25 September 2008 - We spent the day at Chaka's Rock Beach.

Ballito - Thompson's Bay - Geology

23 September 2008 - The rock formations and colours of the rocks at Thompson's Bay are beautiful.

Ballito - Thompson's Bay - Wave splashes

23 September 2008 - There were some spectacular wave splashes on the rocks. I wish I had my camera ready for them all.

Ballito - Thompson's Bay - Hole in the Wall

23 September 2008 - In Thompson's Bay there is a hole in the rock between two beaches called the Hole in the Wall.

Ballito - Thompson's Bay crabs

23 September 2008 - Still at Thompson's Bay. This time a few crab(by) pics!