Monday, July 4, 2016

Roodeplaat Nature Reserve - 10 October 2015

This past weekend I thought I'd write up another short post with photographs, just to find out that I hadn't done so since last year September; that was 10 months ago! I also realised that there were many sets of photographs that I hadn't processed yet. That set me on a quest to do processing on photographs that I took months ago.  


Last year in October I visited the Roodeplaat Nature Reserve (RNR), and although it isn't one of my favourite photographic spots, I did get a few photographs. When you visit RNR, you have to be VERY patient.

I arrived shortly after sunrise, and the light was a beautiful golden colour; indeed the golden hour!

Another watching zebra

The zebra above stared at me very intently, but it didn't seem like he was much bothered with my presence.

Indecisive kudu

Roodeplaat Nature Reserve

I came upon the Kudu above nibbling on the grasses. He looked at me for a short while, and then turned to his left and bolted out of there!

The rest of the photographs of this outing can be found here.