Sunday, May 3, 2015

This n That

On Saturday morning I started the day off with 2 of my friends visiting the Pretoria Boeremark (farmers market) for breakfast. It is not the conventional sit-down breakfast. You simply arrive and watch people buy everything from their weekly meat and eggs, to leather belts, etc. Then there are food stalls where they sell “boerewors” rolls, melkkos, pancakes (not those silly things Americans call pancakes, which are really crumpets or flapjacks), samoosas, and more. We first had condensed milk coffee, which is a real treat! After strolling around checking out the food stalls I started off with 2 bacon and vienna rolls, where the bacon is wrapped around the vienna and then fried. One of my friends also had one of these rolls and the other one had melkkos. We strolled among the stalls some more and the other two decided that they would have some crumpets, but since my wife made us crumpets at home on Friday night, I decided to have some real pancakes. The line was long and by the time I was about 5 people from the front, they ran out of pancake mix. No big deal! Since I had two of the vienna and bacon rolls, I reckoned that I had enough anyway. So, we ended the morning off with some more condensed milk coffee.

I took my camera along in case I saw something interesting. At such a “boeremark” all kinds of things can popup, and that is when I saw this sign:


Direction signs are sometimes helpful,
but other times not!

Of course, to understand this sign, it will really help being South African!

I also saw this black man making his wire trinkets and selling them on the spot.

Pretoria Boeremark

A black man hard at work making his wares!

Those were the only photographs I snapped while at the market.

As an extended family we all decided to go watch the afternoon show of the new Avengers movie. After the movie we quickly popped into a local store, and then we headed home. When we got home I saw that moon was floating at a nice angle, so the first thing I did after returning home was to grab my camera and tripod, set it up outside and started taking pics. I tried a whole lot of settings, but here it is:

2 May 2015 18:05:32

-- Hardware --

Camera: Sony SLT-A37 -- Lens: Sigma DG 15-500mm 1:5-6.3 APO HSM 

-- Manual Settings --

Shutter: 1/125s -- Aperture: F14 -- ISO: 200
Focal Length: 500mm -- White Balance: Manual 3900K -- Metering Mode: Spot

So, that was my Saturday!