Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jan Cilliers Park - 24-03-2012

Right after I took the pictures at the Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary, I drove up about 1Km to Jan Cilliers Park, where I took some pictures of this beautiful park with its well laid out gardens and plants. The coordinates for the park are: 25° 46’ 44.05’’ S 28° 13’ 26.89’’ E. Also see the map following:


The park is beautiful and worth visiting, even if it is only for a picnic. It is very serene, with beautiful trees and plants and also a large man-made fishpond and streams. Check out the pics below.

Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary - 24-03-2012

Last weekend, on Saturday 24 March, I headed for the Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary, here in Pretoria. Below is a map of its location. The sanctuary is in the middle of this map where the lake is. Its coordinates are 'S25 46 182 E28 13 661

Check out the pictures I took at the sanctuary below.