Sunday, July 15, 2012

The James Hall Museum of Transport–2012-07-12

My family and I visited the James Hall Museum of Transport (JHMT) in Johannesburg, South Africa. It “is the largest and most comprehensive museum of land transport in South Africa. It was established by the Late Jimmie Hall together with the City of Johannesburg in February 1964. The JHMT gives visitors a rare glimpse of Johannesburg's transport history, dating back more than a century. The museum is the most comprehensive land transport museum in South Africa, with thematic displays and exhibits in the various exhibition halls.”

Their location is at:

28° 3'13.32"E

It was a joy for all of us to see all these old vehicles, from horse-drawn buggies, to the Model-T Ford, to the ugliest BMW, to the old defunct DKW, to South Africa’s first electric car in 1974. Some of the cars you will see there still need to be renovated, and are standing in an area I would call the work yard.

Entrance is free, and I all they ask for are donations, and as a result I think that they do need sponsors to ensure the speedy renovation of many of the vehicles there.

In my opinion, it is worthwhile taking the time to visit JHMT. We arrived a little late and had to rush through the displays, with the staff closing the doors of the different halls behind us as we went from one display hall to the next. I would have liked to have more time so that I could plan my photographs better, s I had to take rushed pictures of these vehicles.

The Ugliest BMW
1958 BMW Isetta 300